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Photo of Kean


executive sous chef / farmer's daughter / walk-in boss

Kean Mcilvaine is one of the most uniquely awesome people we have on our crew. Although she is quiet, she is both loved and feared by all those around her. Mostly loved. Unless you make a mess in the walk-in. Then she is feared…do yourself a favor: don’t make a mess in the walk-in.

Kean grew up spending time between Africa and Washington, DC until her mother decided they should settle down in the DMV and become a farmer. Kean got her first chickens for her 11th Birthday. Nowadays, the family farm (Longview Farm) provides Rose’s with eggs, produce and pigs, which are ironically named after her siblings.

Kean attended Culinary school at L'Academie de Cuisine in MD, and quickly became a Junior Sous Chef at Proof before starting at Rose’s, where she has been kickin’ it for the past two years. All the while she has been quietly becoming a bad-ass cook and an efficiency monster. Again, don’t make a mess in the walk-in.