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a little girl holding a baseball bat


manager/ amateur cheese monger

The third member of the ginger mafia. aka The One Who Has Seen Every Episode of Friends

Wine boss, mug collector, lover of dachshunds. If it weren't for her and her organizational skills, the rest of the management team would be lost.  She keeps everyone in line and on task, whether we like it or not!

If Paige wasn't crushing the hospitality game, she would most likely be either a 5th grade teacher or a cheese monger.  A teacher because of...well... see above. A cheese monger because...she's the only person we know who would spend $70 on shipping for $20 of her favorite stinky cheese from New York.

Paige grew up in Japan, and is fluent in Japanese, which we think is とてもかっこいい!  (But she's really shy, so she hates it when we put her on the spot and make her speak it. Therefore, we put her on the spot and make her speak it all the time.) So...iffff you see her, make sure you ask her to say something in Japanese!