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Photo of Seth


head chef / southern gentleman / beard champ

Seth Wells is the guy you want to have by your side if you're stranded on a desert island or in back-country woods. Think The Most Interesting Man in the World meets Davy Crockett tackling a bear. He meets a fork in the road but instead of choosing a path, Seth grabs the fork for dinner. Born and raised in North Carolina, you'll hear a hint of his southern drawl when talking about his latest creative dish.  Before Rose's he was at Iron Gate Inn and Minibar by Jose Andres. A quiet thrill seeker, he's thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and cycles to and from work every day -- even in the winter. He reminds us of patchouli [in a good way] and we all want to be like Seth when we grow up. He has suspenders for any occasion. And have you SEEN his beard?! #megustathat