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a boy wearing a suit and tie


junior sous chef/ beer and fried chicken connoisseur

Ric Flair is his IDOL! At one point, he owned 7 different Ric Flair t-shirts.  

His last meal on earth would be Fried Chicken, Kentucky style, just the way his grandma used to make it! 

His truest love is Sigmund his dog, a big old doberman pincher (vinny loves him, but doesn’t love other dogs)

Vinnie owns at least 4 bikes.  We think.  Might be more... Speaking of bikes, Vinnie is so dedicated that he got hit by a car and broke a few ribs and came to work the next day...maybe too dedicated for anyone's own good. 

Wants nothing more than to be Seth Wells

Spoiler Alert: Will be eventually overthrown by the daughter of Seth Wells

Used to be Gator from the Other Guys in a past life

The best closing chef we’ve ever had (according to front of house managers)

Shaky hands kinda guy